Recycling from the Bathroom

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Nearly all of us recycle from the kitchen but there is a lot that can be recycled from the bathroom too.  Items from the bathroom may be overlooked but can play a valuable part in increasing the recycling from our homes.

By taking just a little extra time, the following items can all be recycled from
the bathroom:-  

  • Air freshener/Room Spray Cans
  • Bathroom Cleaner/Bleach Bottles
  • Body Spray Cans/Bottles
  • Cardboard Packaging/Tubes
  • Cosmetic Jars
  • Deodorant Cans
  • Hair Mousse Cans
  • Hairspray Cans
  • Hand Wash Dispensers
  • Medicine Bottles and Boxes
  • Mouthwash Bottles
  • Perfume/Aftershave Bottles
  • Plastic Wrapping
  • Shampoo/Conditioner Bottles
  • Shaving Foam Cans
  • Shower Gel and Body Wash Bottles
  • Skin Care Bottles
  • Sun Tan/After Sun Lotion Bottles
  • Talcum Powder Containers
  • Tissue Boxes
  • Toiletry Packaging

Please ensure all items are placed loose in the blue bin and not bagged as this may result in your bin not being emptied.

Please also have a look at our guidance leaflet (pdf 9.6mb)

Is there something you are still not sure about? Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 158kb) which may provide the information you need.

If the information you require is not there please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling 01785 619402.

Would you like to hear the Bathroom Recycling Message?

We currently have a recording into our Contact Centre reminding residents to recycle from the bathroom whilst they are waiting for their call to be answered.  The message has been recorded by a local 11 year old girl who won a competition to be the 'Voice'. 

What if I need more room in my blue bin for these extra items?

If you need more room for your mixed recycling in the blue bin, the caddy can be taken out and placed at the side of the bin for collection.  If the caddy is placed beside the bin please put the paper inside carrier bags, to prevent the paper from blowing away or getting excessively wet.  These bags will not be returned to your property but will be recycled.

If you still need more room we can also offer an additional blue bin free of charge.  Please email or call 01785 619402 to
arrange this.

Would you like to know what happens to your recycling?

Please have a look at our short film, Message in a Bottle that shows the collection and sorting process.

Tel: 01785 619402
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Guidance Leaflet (pdf 9.6mb)
Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 158kb)
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