Civil Contingencies - Civil Protection

Civil Contingencies or Emergency Planning involves planning for a range of potential incidents in accordance with the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. 

The council recognises the need for planning and cooperation to ensure a prompt and effective response to incidents.  To this end the council works with partner agencies eg Police, Fire, Ambulance, Health, Environment Agency, utility companies and voluntary agencies. 

Under the Civil Contingencies Act the council has the following duties:-

  • Risk Assessment - identifying risks to inform planning
  • Emergency Planning - developing both generic and specific plans
  • Business Continuity Management - improving service resilience
  • Co-operation - with partner responder agencies 
  • Information Sharing - with partner responder agencies
  • Communication - warning and informing in relation to emergencies
  • Providing Advice - to local businesses and voluntary organisations regarding business continuity.

The Council's emergency plans set out the policies, procedures and information required to respond promptly and efficiently to an emergency to minimise potential distress and disruption.  

Further Information

For further information on civil contingencies please go to 

For further information on the council's emergency planning, please see the contact details above.

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