Councillor Isabella E Davies

Councillor: Isabella E Davies
Contact E-mail:
Ward: Doxey and Castletown
Photo: Isabella E Davies
Contact Telephone: 01785 211981
Councillor Fax: 01785 619119
Postal Address: 1 Fernleigh Gardens, Stafford
ST16 1HA


I was Elected Councillor on 3 May 2007. I am a Trustee on CASS and a Youth Club Volunteer at Doxey. I am also a Parish Councillor for Doxey and I am on the Doxey Community Association.

Political Party

I hold the following position(s) within my political group:-

Group Position
Conservative Party


I am a member of the following committees:-

Committee Position
Audit and Accounts Committee
Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee
Planning Committee
Resources Scrutiny Committee

Diary Dates

The following is a list of dates of committees upon which I am presently a Member, click on the meeting to get the agenda, reports and minutes.

Date Meeting Position
13/05/2017 Council (Mayor Making) (10.30am)
22/05/2017 Council (Appointments) (7.00pm)
12/06/2017 Special Planning Committee (Site visit 9.30am - re-convene at County Buildings approx 11.00am)
12/06/2017 Special Planning Committee (Site visit 9.30am - re-convene at County Buildings approx 11.30am)
15/06/2017 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)
20/06/2017 Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
21/06/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
03/07/2017 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 1.15pm)
03/07/2017 Special Planning Committee (Site Visit 9.30am, reconvene Civic Centre 12 noon)
04/07/2017 Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
12/07/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/07/2017 Joint Resources Scrutiny Committee and Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
19/07/2017 Special Planning Committee (Additional Meeting) (6.30pm)
25/07/2017 Council (7.00pm)
02/08/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
14/08/2017 Planning Committee Site Visit (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene Civic Centre at approximately 10.30am)
14/08/2017 Special Planning Committee (Site Visit 9.30am - reconvene Civic Centre at approximately 11.00am)
17/08/2017 Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
23/08/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
05/09/2017 Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
11/09/2017 Special Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.00pm)
13/09/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
19/09/2017 Council (7.00pm)
21/09/2017 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)
04/10/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
25/10/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
06/11/2017 Planning Committee Site Visit Meeting 11am
07/11/2017 Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
14/11/2017 Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (5.00pm)
15/11/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
21/11/2017 Council (7.00pm)
30/11/2017 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)
06/12/2017 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
18/12/2017 Special Planning Committee (10.30am)
03/01/2018 Special Planning Committee (3.30pm)
03/01/2018 Planning Committee (4.30pm)
11/01/2018 Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (4.30pm)
16/01/2018 Resources Scrutiny Committee (4.30pm)
24/01/2018 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
30/01/2018 Council (7.00pm)
14/02/2018 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
15/02/2018 Resources Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
27/02/2018 Council (7.00pm)
07/03/2018 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
13/03/2018 Community Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee (6.30pm)
20/03/2018 Audit and Accounts Committee (6.30pm)
28/03/2018 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
18/04/2018 Planning Committee (6.30pm)
24/04/2018 Council (7.00pm)
09/05/2018 Planning Committee (6.30pm)

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