Private Sector Landlords List

If you are looking for a private rented property in Stafford Borough, the list below contains information about landlords and letting agents within the Borough.  This is not a complete list and it only contains information from those who have provided it to us.

By appearing on this list, Stafford Borough Council is not recommending the landlords and letting agents but is simply listing those who operate in the Borough.  Each landlord and letting agent has provided documents to prove they are a member of an accreditation or a redress scheme.

How can I be added to the list?

To appear on the list below, you must be a member of an accreditation scheme or if you are a letting agent, a redress scheme.  If you fit the criteria, please complete the form to enable you to be listed. 

List of Letting Agents (pdf 28kb)

Tel: 01785 619000
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