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What is a Composter?

Composters are recycled plastic containers for use in the garden.  Most composters  have a lid and a hatch but the designs can vary.  Over a period of time, garden and kitchen waste deposited in the composter will break down into a compost that can be used on the garden.

Why Compost?

20% of the average general waste bin is comprised of organic material that can be composted.  It is not necessary to send organic waste to landfill as it can be converted into a useful product by householders.  This method is environmentally friendly as no energy input is required for transport or in the recycling process.

Where can I purchase a Composter?

A wide range of home composters and accessories are available by visiting the Council's partnership website.  This website also provides helpful composting tips and advice on how to get started and how to get the best results with your compost.

Alternatively, residents can order composters and get advice by calling the Helpline on 08445 714444.

Can I get compost from Stafford Borough Council?

Some residents ask if they are able to use the compost produced from the garden waste they place in the brown bins.

This garden waste is composted on an on-farm facility in Staffordshire.  This compost is then used in the agricultural industry as a soil conditioner.  It is not currently available to be purchased by residents.


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