Drone Usage Policy

The Council will not generally give permission for drones to be flown from, or above its land.

Where permission is given, it will be provided in writing and will only be granted where usage of drone device aids risk reduction in the work place such as working at height, land and building survey work and / or undertaking professional services such as festivals, archaeological survey, or events media. Permission will not be granted for recreational purposes.

When applying for permission for a drone flight, please ensure that the application is made a minimum of ten working days before the planned flight, and please ensure that you include all documentation required, as set out below. Failure to provide an adequate risk assessment or insufficient evidence of flight plans and public liability insurance will likely result in permission being refused.

Any person operating drones near to Council land should also note that it is their responsibility to ensure that any flight is at a height which, having regard to wind, weather and all the circumstances of the case is reasonable.

The Reasons for This Policy:

  • The close proximity of many of our parks and open spaces or other council owned land to neighbouring residential and business properties and the potential risk of causing disturbance, annoyance or harassment to occupants and the users.
  • Potential risk of accident, injury to visitors and site users to parks and green spaces or council property as a result of user or drone error.
  • Granting permission could leave the council liable for subsequent actions brought about by drone activity when operated from land in the council’s ownership
  • Potential risk of causing alarm, distress or harassment to the wildlife and biodiversity within the council’s parks and green spaces.

How to Request Permission

By email to: Legal Services (who will consult relevant Council departments), legalservices@staffordbc.gov.uk

Provide the following:

  1. A description of the purpose of the flight(s)
  2. A copy of your public liability insurance (minimum £5 million)
  3. A copy of your flight plan including launch and landing points and time of flight planned
  4. A copy of the risk assessment

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