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Accessibility - General Policy

    Stafford Borough Council will ensure that it complies with the legislation relating to equality, especially the Equality Act 2010.

    In addition to its legislative requirements, the Council is committed, wherever practical, to implementing and adhering to Codes of Practice issued by various bodies such as the Disability Rights Commission 1999.

    The Council will make necessary and reasonable adjustments to its services in order to accommodate the needs of its customer, and these may include making adjustments to premises to improve physical accessibility or undertaking home visits where this would be appropriate.

    Problems experienced with access to work and services can be organisational, physical, sensory, intellectual, social or cultural and financial. The Council is committed to ensuring access for all.

    Access Policy Statement

    Stafford Borough Council will follow the principles of Equality and Integration for its employees and customers by:

    • Working to ensure that no one is denied access to Council Services or facilities because their needs may be specialised where reasonably practicable
    • Complying with the law relating to disability, especially the Equality Act 2010 where appropriate
    • Consulting disabled users to establish their needs and levels of service
    • Improving access for disabled people to Council Buildings and facilities
    • Seeking effective solutions to the issue of improving access to listed building where reasonably practicable
    • Promoting access for disabled people to public and community buildings generally; e.g. providing specific information and advice
    • Working to ensure that service providers, which the Council uses, are also complying with the legislation in relation to equality
    • Identifying, removing or overcoming barriers to communications
    • Providing clear, understandable information and application forms in a variety of formats on request
    • Ensuring that all meetings and events involving members of the public comply with the requirements of people with disabilities, enabling participation in public life and the democratic process where reasonably practicable
    • Will demonstrate commitment to improved levels of access and facilities in all relevant policy considerations, joint working with other agencies and resource allocation
    • Will seek to promote access improvements in the wider community through its planning and licensing decisions where appropriate


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