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Affordable Warmth Strategy

    The Affordable Warmth Strategy ensures that all households in Stafford Borough can get the advice, help, awareness and support needed to be able to heat homes to an adequate level, improving the living conditions and health of residents.

    Through the delivery of our Strategy and action plan, there will be an improved awareness of affordable warmth issues, targeting towards vulnerable groups and levels of energy efficiency in homes.  This will give residents warmer homes, reduced fuel costs and lower carbon emissions.

    The Strategy has three objectives:

    1. Increase the number of residents benefiting from energy efficiency measures through increased awareness of help available through better communication, targeting the most vulnerable residents and neighbours and working with our partners.

    2. Improve the energy efficiency of Stafford Borough’s housing stock by increasing the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating of properties as well as reducing the number of properties with a SAP rating below 35 by 10%.
    3. Help tackle fuel poverty and improve health and wellbeing amongst the most vulnerable groups by identifying and targeting these groups with affordable warmth activity and funding and improving our partnership working with the health sector.

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