At the Council - corporate commitment, policies and action

    The Council has a number of policies and procedures in place to promote sustainable development and improve environmental management.

    It has received recognition for a wealth of successful initiatives and programs, in the past achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the West Midlands Local Authority Index of Environmental Engagement.  Recently performed well in a benchmarking exercise undertaken by Sustainability West Midlands, relating to action to address climate change. In all areas assessed by the benchmark, activity in Stafford was notably greater than that reported for the West Midlands on average and “The Council provided numerous examples of good practice in all aspects assessed by the benchmark”.

    Work relating to sustainable development, climate change and environmental management at the Council is guided by a series of plans and strategies, including the Corporate Plan and the Environmental Management Action Plan.

    The list below gives a number of key documents and relevant reports which relate to sustainable development action at the Council, plus links to national government policy:

    Work at the local authority and grassroots level aims to tie in with action, policy and support at the national level.  For further Information visit the 'Sustainable Development in Government' website.


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