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Recycling from the Bathroom

    Bathroom Recycling 500 x 165

    Nearly all of us recycle from the kitchen but there is a lot that can be recycled from the bathroom too.  Items from the bathroom may be overlooked but can play a valuable part in increasing the recycling from our homes.

    By taking just a little extra time, the following items can all be recycled from the bathroom:-  

    • Air freshener/Room Spray Cans
    • Bathroom Cleaner/Bleach Bottles
    • Body Spray Cans/Bottles
    • Cardboard Packaging/Tubes
    • Cosmetic Jars
    • Deodorant Cans
    • Hair Mousse Cans
    • Hairspray Cans
    • Hand Wash Dispensers
    • Medicine Bottles and Boxes
    • Mouthwash Bottles
    • Perfume/Aftershave Bottles
    • Plastic Wrapping
    • Shampoo/Conditioner Bottles
    • Shaving Foam Cans
    • Shower Gel and Body Wash Bottles
    • Skin Care Bottles
    • Sun Tan/After Sun Lotion Bottles
    • Talcum Powder Containers
    • Tissue Boxes
    • Toiletry Packaging

    Please ensure all items are placed loose in the blue bin and not bagged as this may result in your bin not being emptied.

    Please also have a look at our guidance leaflet (pdf 229kb)

    Is there something you are still not sure about? Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions which may provide the information you need.


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