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Licensing - Be Aware, Be Safe

    We want you to keep safe whilst you are enjoying your time in our towns and villages.  The information and links below will help you have a great time, stay healthy and keep safe.

    Taxi Ranks in Stafford and Stone

    There are four taxi ranks in Stafford town centre.  These are located in Salter Street (ST16 2JU), Bridge Street (ST16 2HL) and at the railway station (ST16 2AA) and Broad Street (ST16 2QB).

    In Stone the Taxi rank is located at Granville Square (ST15 8AE).

    Taxi Marshalls in Stafford

    The Taxi Marshall service operates in Stafford from 10pm until 4am on Friday evening and 10.30pm until 4.30am on Saturday evenings from Bridge Street Taxi Rank.  Marshalls are easily identified by their fluorescent jackets and radios.  They:

    • ensure that the taxi rank has an orderly queue and is a safe place to start a taxi journey;
    • ensure passengers are fit to travel;
    • give priority service to vulnerable people;
    • ensure anti-social behaviour is not tolerated at the taxi rank;
    • check passengers have the necessary means to pay their taxi fare.
    • report back to the Licensing Team on any vehicles that do not meet the licensing conditions
    • ensure no other vehicles are parked on the taxi rank; taxi ranks are for Stafford Hackney Carriage vehicles only

    For your protection, the area in which they operate has CCTV cameras and a direct link to the police if needed.

    Taxi / Private Hire Vehicle safety

    Unlicensed taxi or private hire vehicles are not only illegal - they could be dangerous.  An unlicensed taxi will not have been examined by Stafford Borough Council for safety and roadworthiness.  It might not even have a current MOT or insurance.

    What to look for ...

    Stafford Borough Council's taxis:

    • are white (unless they are a London-style taxi)
    • have a taxi sign on the roof
    • display a red licence plate on the front and rear of the vehicle beginning with an “H” followed by 3 numbers

    Only taxis licensed by Stafford Borough Council can wait at a taxi rank or be flagged down in the street.

    Private Hire Vehicles operating in Stafford Borough:

    • are any colour other than white
    • display a green licence plate on the front and rear or the vehicle beginning with an “P” followed by 3 numbers
    • Must be booked

    If a private hire vehicle stops for you in the street, the driver is breaking the law and as a consequence their insurance might be invalid for the journey.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to make recommendations concerning local taxi operators; we recommend members of the public search online for 'Taxis in Stafford' to find a firm.

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