Brexit and what it means for your business

    Although the EU transition period officially came to an end on 31 December 2020, not every rule has come into place yet. This is due to several grace periods, agreed under the UK-EU TCA or decided by the UK government, to allow businesses to transition towards the new processes smoothly.

    While many companies are still adjusting to the rules that have already begun following Brexit, it is essential to be on top of upcoming changes as the respective grace periods end. By doing so, you can undertake adequate preparations in your operations and ensure full compliance with regulations.

    Brexit Guidance - Find out how new rules apply this includes:

    • Importing and exporting
    • Business travel to the EU
    • Providing services to the EU
    • Transport goods to the EU
    • Employing people
    • Exchanging data with EU businesses
    • Travel to the EU
    • Live, work or study in the EU
    • Living in the UK as an EU citizen
    • Travel to, work or study in the UK as an EU citizen
    • The UK and EU trade deal


    If you have any questions or concerns relating to how Brexit is likely to affect your business please contact and we will be able to signpost you to the appropriate support bodies.

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