Civil Penalty for Housing Act Offences

    Stafford Borough Council wants to support good landlords who provide decent well maintained homes, however, a small number of landlords knowingly rent out unsafe and substandard accommodation.

    The Government has developed an alternative to pursuing costly and time consuming prosecutions in the courts by allowing Local Authorities to issue civil penalty notices to those landlords who consistently fail to meet legal standards.

    Civil Penalties have now been adopted by the Council and are set out in the matrix below, taking into consideration the nature of the offences and their seriousness, the behaviour and culpability of the landlord as well as the landlord’s income. They have been developed by officers from a number of West Midland Authorities in order to provide consistency across the region and has been adopted across the whole of Staffordshire.

    Civil Penalties are in line with the current Magistrates Court Sentencing Guidelines and are consistent with recent fines. If applied, civil penalties can result in a quicker and more cost effective method of enforcement action

    Civil Penalty Matrix (pdf 332kb)

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