Community Awards 2019 - Winners

    Check out the winners and runners up from our Community Awards 2019 below.

    Here is a list of all applicants  

    Community Action 

    Highly Commended

    Organisation: Stafford Street Pastors 

    Nominated by: Jeanne Morris 

    Stafford Street Pastors are part of the world wide Street Pastors organisation started in London in 2003 by Rev Les Isaacs with The Ascension Trust, Stafford Street Pastors started in 2009, this year they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary. Each Street Pastor Volunteer belongs to a local Church in or around Stafford. Street Pastors offer caring, listening and practical help to anyone on the streets of Stafford between 10.30pm and 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. Street Pastors mingle with those enjoying a night out and engage with anyone who wants to chat to and look out for those who, for a variety of reasons, are vulnerable. They provide flipflops for tired feet, bottles of water, space blankets and sickbags, and lollies, as well as practical help or just a listening ear.


    Organisation: Rising Brook Baptist Church  

    Name of Project: Community in Action Projects 

    Nominated by: Patricia Nixon

    The community projects were born out of the knowledge that help was needed locally for social problems, they now have numerous projects within the community to meet local needs such as ‘the Food Bank Project’, ‘Keep fit project’, ‘Clothes Bank Project’ and ‘Parent and toddler group’. The centre's rooms are always full throughout the week and the community projects are extremely busy without exception. The projects are all run by teams of dedicated volunteers who give their time willingly and cheerfully and do not expect any praise or recognition.

    Business and the Economy 


    Organisation: Weston Road Academy 

    Name of Project: Annual Race for Life 

    Nominated by: Sara Setterfield 

    Race for Life takes place every year as part of their summer activity week at Weston Road Academy. It involves the whole school including support staff and pupils. A course is set of 5K and everyone who can runs it and a few who can't offer support in terms of race marshals water stations and end of race care. Others help with the collection of sponsorship money and cash buckets on the day. This is a community event which has the backing of pupils parents Governors and all staff which makes it very special. Mrs Tracey Owen has driven the event so successfully over the last 5 years. During this period they have raised over £30,000 for Cancer Research and this year alone they topped over £7,000.

    Local Hero Over 18

    Highly Commended

    Name of Individual: Martin Burrows

    Name of Project: Truckers Cleaning up Britain 

    Martin is a local HGV driver who lives in the Borough of Stafford. The image of truck drivers to the public is that they litter the places where they stay overnight causing councils to restrict or ban parking overnight due to the amount of litter and general rubbish being discarded by the drivers being thoughtless. After seeing the areas that were being blighted with rubbish casually thrown, Martin decided to do something positive to become 'part of the solution not the problem' he started a campaign to improve areas that the drivers stay. The project Truckers Cleaning Up Britain has now over 1200 drivers and associates on their Facebook page truckers cleaning up Britain with over 600 bags of rubbish and litter being removed from the roadsides and Lay-bys/industrial areas etc.


    Name of Individual: Becki Woolrich 

    Name of Project: Stafford Litter Heroes 

    Nominated by: Councillor Jonathan Price and Councillor Marnie Phillips 

    Becki Woolrich is the founder and chairperson of Stafford Litter Heroes. A community group that has engaged the people of the town in a way that has surprised even Becki herself. The group conducts regular litter picks to help clean up the Borough. The achievements made have been down to the many people who have loyally volunteered their time on a regular basis, however the drive, vitality and positivity within the group is down to Becki, her drive and determination has been pivotal in the achievements of the group. The group has achieved over 50 litter picks completed, with around 2 tonnes of rubbish collected. It is Becki who transports the equipment to events, Becki who plans events and Becki who notifies the borough council with the location of the collected bags of litter after litter picks.

    Local Hero Under 18


    Name of Individual: Imani Al-Khaldi 

    Name of Project: Imani’s Incredible Eats 

    Imani at aged 8 began a Community fridge project at Rising Brook Baptist Church. Since 2018 Imani's community fridge project has grown successfully. She now has 3 community fridges around the Borough. Imani has spent the year building up networks with local businesses. Imani and her sisters have worked tirelessly at weekends and during School holidays fund raising to keep the fridges stocked and spreading the word of Imani's Incredible Eats, as well as encouraging others to donate supplies for the fridges. Imani has not only ensured that she is looking after her neighbours and local community, but she is making businesses and individuals reflect on the effect that food wastage has on the planet, and the fact that most items that are heading straight to the bin are still good enough to eat.

    Social Wellbeing 

    Highly Commended

    Organisation: Special Olympics Stafford 

    Name of Project: Annual Sports Hall Competition 

    Nominated by: Clive Gibson

    Special Olympics Stafford is part of a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability.  They are helping to make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place for people to feel safe and develop in sporting opportunities and they support the acceptance and inclusion of all people. Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. They inspire people in our communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential. They also work with key community groups and organisation to promote an outreach programme of sporting activities in target wards, developing a programme of activity to support the specific requirements of our participants.


    Organisation: Stafford Walton Phoenix Activities Club 

    Nominated by:  David Barker 

    Stafford Walton Phoenix Activities club has been running for 30 years and is an organisation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of retired residents over the age of 50 by organising activities, outings and other events.  They promote our vision for the club as “Friendship, Fun and Fitness for the over 50’s”. The Club is run by a main committee, supported by activity group leaders and outings organisers, all of whom are volunteers.  The 670+ members are able to take part in any of 22 weekly or monthly activities. The organise up to 20 one-day events and a 5-day holiday each year.  The spectrum of interests may be divided into four groups; Fitness and Mobility, Mental Agility, Social Wellbeing and Cultural Interest.

    Environmental Improvement

    Highly Commended

    Name of Project: The SARCOH Project 

    Nominated by: Bruce Fletcher

    The Suppression of Allergic Rhinitis by the Consumption of Organic Honey (SAROCH) Project aims to add evidence regarding the effects of organic honey on hay fever; using information gathered from a scientific trial at Walton High School. The theory follows the structure of the reason behind vaccines - exposure to small dosages of pollen to the immune system should allow for a tolerance to be built. The project found a 20.7% decrease in 25 people. The project aims to support the consumption of locally harvested honey as a hay fever remedy and also to educate our community about the importance of bees and the impact they have in controlling the spread of flora and importantly, how devastating the lack of bees could be for our planet.


    Organisation: Stafford Litter Heroes 

    Nominated by:  Councillor Jonathan Price and Councillor Marnie Phillips 

    Stafford Litter Heroes is a volunteer community group that was formed by local resident Becki Woolrich in 2018. Becki became aware of the plight of the world’s oceans, the environment and wildlife due to plastic and waste. Stafford Borough Council supplied all the tools and equipment for the project and a Facebook page was set up. Word spread quickly and the vision resonated with the residents of Stafford who turned out to support the cause. The group now has a loyal and dedicated group of volunteers who give their time on a regular basis, with regular litter picks taking place in targeted areas. The group regularly litter pick the Isobel Trail as their contribution to the popular weekly ‘Parkruns and once a month a larger weekend litter pick is organised.

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