Community Awards 2021 - Guidance Notes

    An organisation or school can submit only one entry. If an organisation or school is involved in additional projects in partnership with others, a different organisation must be named as the submitting body.  Entries must describe projects or activities that have been implemented within the last twelve months; they should be well presented, clear and comprehensive. Each application must:

    • State the title of the project
    • Contact details of the project leader (Please note that if you are nominating on behalf of someone you must have gained their consent to do so and tick the relevant box on the form)
    • Provide answers to all of the questions
    • Provide a description of the project

    Please note that if you are submitting any photographs in support of your application you must only submit up to 5 photos. 


    The judges reserve the right to move applications received into more suitable categories if they believe they are a better fit and also, to add additional categories if required.

    Judging Criteria

    Judging is carried out by an external judging panel to shortlist winners and highly commended in each category plus choose a winner of the judge’s award. If there is a high number of applications received there may be an internal shortlisting taking place before External Judging. 

    Applications will be judged on many features dependant upon the category they have entered into 

    Sports and Leisure 

    1. Excellence achieved within their relevant sports field (at regional, national or international level)
    2. Is an inspiration and positive role model to others
    3. Nurturing local talent by inspiring and encouraging more people to start, stay or succeed in sport and physical activity
    4. Has widened access to their sport to include people who do not normally have the opportunity to take part / targeted work at engaging people from ‘hard to reach’ groups
    5. Submission is clear and comprehensive 

    Community Action 

    1. Mental health and wellbeing impact 
    2. Physical health and wellbeing impact
    3. Enhanced community networking 
    4. Inclusion and equality 
    5. Submission is clear and comprehensive 

    Environmental Improvement 

    1. Environmental Impact
    2. Protect and enhance the local biodiversity
    3. Reducing carbon emissions
    4. Inclusion and equality 
    5. Submission is clear and comprehensive

    Social Wellbeing 

    1. Mental health and wellbeing 
    2. Physical health and wellbeing 
    3. Encourages participation from hard to reach groups 
    4. Inclusion and equality 
    5. Submission is clear and comprehensive 

    Local Hero

    1. Has gone above and beyond
    2. Can demonstrate improvement to the environment
    3. Improves social wellbeing
    4. Can demonstrate community impact 
    5. Submission is clear and comprehensive

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