Council Tax - Change of Circumstances

How to report a change in circumstances.

If your circumstances or the circumstances of anyone in your household change you must tell us immediately as it can affect how much benefit you are entitled to and result in you being overpaid.

If you are of pensionable age, you must report any changes in your circumstance to the Pension Service.

If you do not tell us about a change within one month from the date the change happened, you may lose out on any increase in benefit that is due.

Remember, you can use the online calculator on our website for an estimate of how much benefit you may be entitled to based on your new circumstances.

Complete our online change in circumstances form.

Alternatively if you no longer wish to claim you can call our Customer Service team (no other changes can be reported over the phone) or call into our reception area.

You can also write to the Benefit Service at Stafford Borough Council, Riverside, Stafford ST16 3AQ.


Tel: 01785 619478

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