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Councillor Victoria E M Jenkinson

    Ward: Highfields and Western Downs
    Telephone: N/A
    Postal Address: 12 Camelford Close Stafford ST17 0JE

    Political Party

    I am a member of the following Party:-

    Party Position
    Conservative Party


    I am a member of the following committees:-

    Diary Dates


    It is a privilege to have been elected to represent this community and I am very much looking forward to working with the people of Highfields and Western Downs to achieve positive change in their area.


    At 18 years old, I was elected to Colwich Parish Council and since then have established a number of new facilities, most notably a Colwich Parish Youth Council which provides a forum through which the young people of the Parish can make decisions for themselves and their friends in their local area. It was important for me that, during my time as a Parish Councillor, I gave young people in my community a voice as I am passionate about communication across generations and believe that this connection is one way that we can make a real difference to people's everyday lives. I hope to employ similar methods to support the people of Highfields and Western Downs, to encourage active engagement in community projects to ensure that you have a say, and you can make local government work for you! I have recently completed a degree at the University of Keele in History and Sociology, with a view to embarking upon a secondary teaching career.

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