Derrington Way Ahead Initiative

    Working in partnership with a wide range of agencies, Stafford Borough Council launched their first Low Carbon Community initiative in Derrington in May 2009.

    Since it was set up this initiative has made an amazing impact. A group was formed, adopting the name ‘Derrington Way Ahead’ and formulating the following aims and objectives:

    • To raise awareness of sustainability issues, including climate change, amongst residents and visitors.
    • To organise events, set up projects and co-ordinate activities to promote more sustainable lifestyles and which inspire local action.
    • To help reduce the carbon footprint of the village, especially by helping to improve the energy efficiency of homes and other buildings, by promoting alternative means of transport, by reducing amounts of waste, and by sourcing food locally.
    • To be as inclusive as possible and to invite all people and households in around the village to participate, thus contributing to community cohesion.
    • To work with other village organisations to support action on sustainable development and environmental awareness.
    • To monitor, evaluate and measure progress and to make relevant information available to others, as well as to share good practice.
    • To raise funds, apply for grants, maintain accurate, clear and auditable financial records and work with a wide range of partners to achieve the above aims.

    The group has worked with the whole community and with numerous partners to achieve a vast range of successes: from the energy make-over at the Village Hall, to the unique Village Trail created by the community; from the annual Local Food Festival promoting healthy and sustainable food growing, to planting hundreds of hedgerow saplings and fruit trees; from recycling initiatives to our fabulous IT facilities at the Village hall and invaluable ‘drop in’ sessions, which offer help and expert IT advice to people in the village.

    The principles and learning experiences gleaned from this award winning project are being incorporated in other community based work within the Borough.

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