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Domestic and Sexual Violence

    Everyone should be able to live without fear of violence and abuse. However, often people are living in fear in their own lives feeling powerless to stop a cycle of physical and emotional pain and abuse.

    One in four women will be affected by domestic violence during their lifetime.

    Stafford Borough does not tolerate domestic violence.

    In the 12 month to the end of August 2016 there were a total 1,109 domestic crimes reported to Staffordshire Police in Stafford Borough, which is equivalent to approximately 9.9 crimes per 1,000 residents aged 16 and over. Of these, 77% were violence against the person offences. The crime Survey for England and wales (CSEW) findings from the year ending March 2015 estimate that 8.2% of women and 4.0% of men reported experiencing any type of Domestic Abuse in the last year. Applying these proportions to the 16+ population of Stafford Borough suggests that approximately 2,300 males and 4,600 females aged 16 and above have experienced Domestic Abuse in the past year.

    There are different types of abuse:-

    • Psychological - This can affect the way you think and feel and is brought on by the way people interact with you this could be hidden threats or just being isolated.  
    • Physical - Any use of physical force with the intention to cause fear or injury, like hitting, shoving, biting, strangling, kicking or using a weapon.    
    • Sexual - Any action that stops a person's ability to control their sexual activity or the ways in which sexual activity happens, this could be controlling access to birth contraception. Ignoring someone saying no to sexual contact by repeatedly using emotional, verbal or physical pressure.     
    • Financial - Using money or access to accounts to gain power and control over a partner. 
    • Emotional - Non-physical behaviours such as threats, insults, constant monitoring, excessive texting, humiliation, intimidation or isolation.

    In an emergency always dial 999.

    Over the next three years Stafford Borough Safer Community Partnership are working together to provide:-

    • Preventative support  to young people in respect of health relationships
    • Early identification of victims requiring support for domestic abuse
    • Measures to allow victims of domestic abuse and their families to remain in their own property feeling confident of their security.
    • To provide immediate and appropriate responses and support to sexual violence, including sexual abuse current and historic, sexual assault and rape

    Advice and Help

    If you think you are experiencing domestic abuse and/or sexual abuse, free confidential support and advice is available from a number of different agencies.

    A to Z of Services