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    Hi there all you eco-warriors ! I am Elliot the Eco-Bat and this is my wonderful Eco-blog where all the schools I visit record the fantastic environmental work they are doing. I love helping them with their garden and wildlife projects and here are some of the great jobs they have been doing this year. Keep up the good work!

    Love from Elliot

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    Spring 2017 to July 2017

    On 8 May Elliot was ‘swapped’ again at an Eco-Schools Network meeting held at Sir Graham Balfour School. Vicky Potts was keen to have him to visit Oulton First School - they really wanted him to help complete their wonderful Sensory Garden!

    His arrival was announced in Worship, and parents were told of his activities at school in the Fortnightly School Newsletter. He was so pleased to help launch the Sensory Garden on 7 July and help school create a fabulous sculpture from scrap for the Perkins 21st Eco-Awards!

    From 28 March onwards Elliot was really busy at Fulford. He helped the Eco-Club plant 30 trees in the new ‘Forest Schools’ area. He worked with gardening club planting sunflowers, wildflowers and weeding, as well as tidying the front of school.

    Spring 2017

    Spring sees Elliot go for the first time to help Fulford Primary with some eco-activities with Sarah Booth. Have fun!

    Elliot attended ‘There is No Planet B!’ again in February 2017 and was really inspired by artwork from both children and adults.

    January 2016 to November 2016

    In November 2016 Elliot went to Burton Manor Primary to help Sarah get her eco-activities going! Elliot really helped to kick start the school’s eco-schools journey. There is now an eco-committee, there was an assembly on recycling and children took part in a junk model competition!

    In Summer 2016 Elliot visited Stafford Manor High School where he met the amazing Year 7 gardening team, helped them get the garden area finished - and then met TV presenter Frances Tophill. She had come to school to present the Royal Horticultural Team of the Year Awards to children and staff - for their amazing efforts establishing the garden!

    In May 2016 Elliot was hosted by Veritas Primary Academy a short flight across the A518.

    With the children here he helped sow some wildflower seeds (from a Kew Gardens Grow Wild seed pack that Karen had ordered) and did some pond dipping!

    From March 2016, Elliot went to Weston Road Academy. He helped in the garden, learned about hens and bees and helped with the recycling.

    In February 2016 he popped into ‘There is No Planet B!’ at St Chad’s Church in Stafford, to view the amazing artwork, all with an environmental theme.

    He met The Mayor, a lovely lady called Sheena who was a Fairtrade Producer visiting from India, plus the Staffordshire Poet Laureate.

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