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Eco-School Grants 2016/17

    There's some amazing work being done in our local schools to teach and learn about the fragile world in which we live, and ways in which we can protect it.

    Through the Stafford Borough Eco-Schools Network, we're able to support projects in our local schools through an eco-schools grant, which schools may apply for annually, as follows:

    Do you have an idea for an eco-project, or have a project already underway, that relates to the following topic areas in the Eco-Schools programme: water, biodiversity, energy, litter, school grounds, transport or waste? Are you searching for some help to get it off the ground, complete it or extend it?

    We are able to support a small number of schools in Stafford Borough with their green initiatives each year to a maximum of £450.

    If you are successful, you will be expected to feedback on what you have done at the end of the summer term. You may wish to have a look at some of the projects undertaken recently, as a result of funding through our Eco-Grant.

    A glimpse at some of the super projects

    Oulton First School have completed their Sensory Garden! They used lots of recycled items and created places for children and wildlife. They added a solar water feature and wind spinners. They celebrated its completion at a fabulous opening ceremony in July! 

    Oulton First School 2

    Castlechurch Primary School held an ‘eco day’, tidying up the grounds and planting and watering their eco areas. They took part in environmental lessons such as orienteering and art and held a whole school assembly about ‘our world’ and how we look after it.

    Castlechurch Primary School 1  Castlechurch Primary School 2

    King Edward VI High School have improved the Long Jump Garden, completing their plastic bottle greenhouse and topping-up their raised beds with topsoil from Mill Farm. They have harvested and dried out giant poppy seed pods grown specifically for use in art for still life drawings. At Christmas they held a Christmas Market along with the Signpost Centre selling a range of seasonal products made during Forest School sessions, using natural materials found and harvested from the school site.

    King Edward VI High School 1  King Edward VI High School 2

    All Saints, Ranton have installed a new school vegetable garden consisting of four raised beds, constructed a mini-beast mansion and built a deadwood log pile next to their pond!

    They have also purchased a new mud kitchen and are planning to clean out and re-establish their school pond in the autumn term when all the creatures have moved out for the winter.

    All Saints

    Burton Manor Primary have focussed on creating an outdoor environment to encourage wild birds and learn about them. They installed or purchased Nest boxes, Birdfeeders, a Bird Bath, Binoculars, Bird Identification Books and a Bird Hide, they even bought a window bird feeder and when they have been ‘super quiet’ they have seen some birds really close up!  Children said ‘I didn’t know we had so many different birds on our field!’ and
    ‘I think I might ask for some binoculars for Christmas!’

    Burton Manor Primary

    Sir Graham Balfour School have expanded their Forest School programme helping students connect with the environment and learn though exploring. Through this students have developed team-working skills and gained confidence and self-esteem. 

    Sir Graham Balfour School 1  Sir Graham Balfour School 2

    Walton Priory Middle School have revitalised two internal patio areas into beautiful garden areas, with seats and benches, plus a vegetable plot. The areas are used by dozens of pupils every day at break and lunchtime.

    Walton Priory Middle 1  Walton Priory Middle 2

    Barnfields Primary School built a wildlife pond to encourage wildlife and to help study within the curriculum and in our Eco Club.

    Barnfields Primary School

    Children loved growing vegetables in their new raised beds at Manor Hill First School.

    Manor_Hill_First_School_1            Manor_Hill_First_School_2

    Sir Graham Balfour With the grant budget received from SBC we arranged, an inter house gardening competition in conjunction with the Queens 90th Birthday. 

    Sir Graham Balfour

    Stafford Manor High School bought power tools that would aid in the building of the planters and the tools are now used on a daily basis.  More planters will be built to make the garden even better.  'We have never before had an eco-grant so well used by students'.

    Stafford_Sports_College_2            Stafford_Sports_College_1


    Tittensor First School has rejuvenated their garden, creating well stocked planters, making a mini-beast hotel, installing wind chimes and a bench.  Local schools are visiting too.  'We are really pleased with our garden it is beautiful and will be a great resource for the future.  Thank you so much for the grant' 


    St Andrew’s CE Primary School thoroughly enjoyed gardening and learning all about the environment around them but up until this year there has been a problem. There has been no external water supply!

    However thanks to the grant provided by Stafford Borough Council and the Stafford Borough Eco-Schools Network the school has purchased three large water butts.

    St Andrews CE Primary School


    St Lawrence CE Primary School gardening club efforts have been scuppered by the local rabbits - till now.  With funding to purchase rabbit proof fencing, fence pots and fixings, plus two greenhouses and additional 'sundries' the gardening outlook is now much brighter.


    St Leonard's, Stafford has installed an excellent new pond dipping platform.

    St Leonards

    Walton High School have a great school 'eco-ethos'.

    Walton_High_School_2           Walton_High_School_1

    Walton Priory Middle School ' Work in the garden has a beneficial effect on behaviour, individual learning and enjoyment in daily school life and has also encouraged wildlife in school'. 

    Walton_Priory_1   Walton_Priory_2

    Weston Road High School We have achieved so much in the garden this year.


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