Elliot the Eco-Bat

    Elliot is the eco-friendly mascot of the Stafford Borough Eco-Schools Network.  He was designed and named by local children for the Eco-Schools Network.

    Elliot visits local schools in turn and gets involved with children and their eco-projects. He keeps a diary and also writes a regular blog - which you can read below.  This includes photographs of the projects and written extracts from teachers and pupils.

    Elliot is always busy and ever-helpful. He has planted spring bulbs at St Andrew's, Weston; he has helped compost fruit peelings at Green Lea Milwich; he was very keen to join in making the plastic bottle greenhouse at St John's, Stafford; he took part in the 'Big Schools Birdwatch' at St Michael's, Stone. Elliot remembers the fun he had in the woods around the school grounds, checking the bird feeders!

    On the Trail of Elliot the Eco-Bat

    Elliot has enjoyed visiting many Stafford schools over the years, helping children to help wildlife and protect the environment. If you would like Elliot to visit your school and help you with your eco-projects, do get in touch!  

    In the meantime, read on to learn some of Elliots eco-adventures!

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