Fly Tipping / Disposal of Waste

    As a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the increase of home working, it may seem like an ideal time to do some DIY, some spring cleaning or get the garden set for the warmer months. If you are taking the opportunity to do this please be mindful of how and where you dispose of the rubbish you may suddenly accumulate.

    If you find yourself with excess garden waste, either contact a licensed waste carrier with an Upper Tier licence who specialises in the collection and proper disposal of garden waste (you can check potential contractors on the Environment Agency public register), or even better, perhaps create a compost heap in the garden where the waste can rot naturally.

    Please do not be tempted to dispose of the waste illegally.  During these testing times, this can cause extra stress for landowners and puts pressure on services that are required elsewhere.

    We thoroughly investigate all incidents of fly tipping across the Borough and if you are caught illegally dumping waste, you could be fined and / or prosecuted. We do not want to see an elevated level of fly tipping during this difficult period. For more information see our fly tipping page.

    Please avoid burning any waste and causing excess smoke - our Regulatory Services Team can investigate this as a statutory nuisance.

    Staffordshire Fire and Rescue have also issued some guidance regarding bonfires

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