From Rio to Rickerscote: the global perspective

    In 1992 leading representatives from countries around the world met at the 'Earth Summit' in Rio de Janeiro.  This major Conference put the spotlight on the increasing pressures on our environment and on escalating poverty issues.  World leaders agreed it was urgent for us all to take action to safeguard the environment and eliminate poverty both for ourselves and for future generations.

    The Earth Summit catalysed immense efforts to achieve progress towards sustainable development across the globe and a huge amount of positive action has taken place.  Local Authorities across the world worked with their communities to create 'Local Agenda 21 Strategies', aiming to achieve sustainable development in the twenty first century. 

    Within Stafford Borough we have worked hard to contribute towards a more sustainable Borough, sharing ideas and collaborating with partners on all kinds of initiatives and projects.  These include significant steps forward with recycling and waste management; the creation of an exciting Eco-Schools Network with fabulous eco-activity taking place in our schools; work to promote a sustainable, local food sector through the creation of Farmers' Markets and the publication of a county wide local food directory; support of green travel and great projects such as the thriving 'Back 2 Bikes' bike recycling project; work in communities and neighbourhoods, such as Silkmore and Rickerscote, in the recent Penkside Project.  You can read about some of these projects in the 'Other Initiatives' section (page yet to be done).

    Globally and locally, the challenge to protect our planet and secure a better quality of life for all, continues.  Since the first Earth Summit, there have been several key milestone conferences and events that trace the course of sustainable development and attempt to tackle key issues including Climate Change.  You may find these websites useful:-

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