Habitats Regulations Assessment

The European Habitats Directive requires an assessment to be made of the possible effects of Plans and projects on internationally important nature conservation areas; Ramsar sites, Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Areas (SPA). If negative impacts are identified, mitigation measures must be established prior to the plan or project progressing.

Stafford Borough contains the following internationally important nature conservation sites:

  • Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation
  • Chartley Moss SAC (part of the West Midlands Mosses SAC)
  • Pasturefields Salt Marsh SAC
  • Cop Mere (part of Midland Meres and Mosses Phase II Ramsar designation)
  • Aqualate Mere (part of Midland Meres and Mosses Phase II Ramsar designation)
  • Mottey Meadows SAC

Habitats Regulation Assessments are carried out in two stages. Firstly, a screening report looks at the potential for effects. If potential impacts on protected European sites are identified, an appropriate assessment will look in detail at the impacts and how mitigation measures could make the project or plan acceptable.

The following documents have been produced to support the Local Plan:

In addition to these reports, further Habitats Regulation Assessment work was carried out regarding Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation.

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