Haughton Notice of Vacancy

    Stafford Borough Council

    Notice of Vacancy in Office of Councillor

    Parish of Haughton 

    Notice is hereby given that

    A vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council.

    If you are a Local Government Elector for the above area you may request that an election is held to fill the vacancies. This must be put in writing and hand delivered to Tim Clegg the Returning Officer c/o The Elections Office Stafford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford ST16 3AQ (Tel: 01785 619424) by no later than Wednesday, 25 May 2022. If ten local government electors make this request an election will be held. (Please ensure that you receive a receipt for your request).

    If a request for an election is not received by the above deadline then the Parish Council will co-opt a person to fill the vacancy as soon as practicable in accordance with the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006. 

    Clerk to the Parish Council

    Dated:  Thursday 5 May 2022

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