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Health and Wellbeing - Eat Well Live Well

    The main point of eating is to supply our body with energy needed for day to day life. However, it is important to keep a healthy, balanced diet we must put the same amount of energy into the body as we are using up.

    We get this energy from a range of nutrients:

    • Carbohydrates eg pasta, rice, bread, potatoes
    • Protein eg meat, fish, eggs, pulses
    • Fats eg fatty fish, nuts, oils
    • Fibre eg wholegrain cereals, bread, fruit, vegetables
    • Vitamins and minerals eg green leafy vegetables, dairy, cereals
    • Water eg fruit juices, soups, stews, milk

    The Eatwell Plate

    The Eatwell PlateThe Eatwell plate encourages us to choose a wide variety of foods from the main food groups each day to ensure your body gets sufficient nutrients to function properly.

    See our Servings and Portions page for more information on portion sizes and recommendations.

    Recipe Booklets

    For some new, adventurous meal ideas check out some of our recipe booklets.

    What is a Healthy Diet?What is a Healthy Diet? (pdf 478kb)

    Eat Well, Live Well for the FamilyEat Well, Live Well for the Family (pdf 697kb)

    Healthy Eating On a BudgetHealthy Eating On a   Budget (pdf 8,174kb)

    Healthy Recipies from Around the WorldHealthy Recipes from Around the World (pdf 802kb)

    Lunchtime Tips to Beat the Afternoon Slump
    Lunchtime Tips to Beat the Afternoon Slump (pdf 154kb)


    If you know a local group who would benefit from education around nutrition and healthy eating please complete our online form.

    To find out more information or to see what is happening in your area, please contact The Healthy Staffordshire Hub on 0300 111 8006 or email

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