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Building Stafford and Surrounds' Healthy Future

    Public Health Reforms

    The Stafford and Surrounds' Health and Wellbeing Group co-ordinate a plan to improve health and wellbeing in Stafford Borough through prevention and early intervention the plan is called; The Health and Wellbeing Strategy   

    The objectives of the Stafford and Surrounds Health and Wellbeing Group are:-

    • 8083 - Building Stafford and Surrounds' Healthy FutureTo provide governance, future direction and a vision for change
    • Leading transformation change through pooling collective resources and joint working
    • Investing in early help and prevention to empower people to make healthy life choices that support them to remain independent
    • To reduce health inequalities across Stafford and Surrounds through considering wider determinants of health and wellbeing
    • To provide a platform for innovation

    From working together we have produced:

    The Group has also ran two Health and Wellbeing Summits in 2012 and 2014 below are a few pictures from the events:-

    8083_Health and Wellbeing Summit 1 8083_Health and Wellbeing Summit 2 

    If you would like to find out more about the Group or join the Building Stafford and Surrounds' Healthy Future Partnership, please complete our registration form or email

    The Stafford and Surrounds Health and Wellbeing Group

    8083 Stafford and Surrounds Health and Wellbeing Group

    From left to right; Wayne Coombe (SCC), June Sampson (Staffs Uni), Ian Thompson (SBC), Debbie Emmitt (SARH), Adam Hill (SBC), Hester Parsons (Healthwatch ECS), Mike Calverley (SCC), Councillor Frank Finlay (SBC), Andrew Donald (CCG), Andrew Thompson (VAST), Kate Harrold (SBC), Howard Thomas (SBC), John Fraser (SBC)

    Partners signing our Health and Wellbeing Partnership Pledge

    8083 - Committing_to_the_Strategy_Work_Resized

    Committing to the Strategy Work in the future; key stakeholders signing the Group pledge (from left; Ben Hollands (SASSOT), Councillor Frank Finlay (SBC), Carmel Warren (Staffordshire Fire and Rescue), Richard Soulsby (KHH), Hester Parsons (ECS), Sandra Highland (Age UK), Jane Kirby (BRC), Andrew Thomson (VAST, Debbie Emmitt (SARH)

    Other signatures are the Clinical Commissioning Group and Staffordshire County Council.


    Tel: 01785 619000
    Fax: 01785 619319

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