High House to Stafford Castle Doorstep Walk

    Length of walk: Approx 4 miles

    Duration of walk: Approx 2-4 hours

    Good place to start: Ancient High House, Greengate Street

    Notes: Can be muddy

    1. Turn left down St Mary's Lane, cross the road and walk towards the railway station. However, immediately after crossing the River Sow take the path, left, down under the bridge and follow the riverside path in the direction of Broadeye Windmill.
    2. When the river bends right, use the ramp on the left to reach the road. Turn right, then left at the junction and pass over the railway bridge by. Detour left if desired to the new lake.
    3. Otherwise walk straight on along the tarmac path to the gate, then turn right and walk along the perimeter road of Castlefields estate to reach a farm lane. Go forward along the lane for about 150m, then join the cycle track which follows the former Stafford - Wellington railway line.
    4. At the next barrier rejoin the farm lane, on your left, and pass an old farmhouse. Continue uphill for 50m or so, turn left along a green lane to reach a wooded area on your right.
    5. Turn right here, pass a pool on your left and walk directly uphill along the field boundary towards the Castle.
    6. On reaching the edge of Castle Woods, turn left over a stile and follow the path round to the Visitor Centre. From this point take the recommended route round the Castle trail.
    7. Head back down the main drive of the Castle. At the gate turn left and follow the path along the edge of the wood to the stile near the sunken way. Then bear slightly right to a stile by trees at the top of the golf course. Return to town along the path beside the Golf course. Retrace your steps through Castletown to the river and continue along the riverside path through Victoria Park.
    8. Cross Mill Bank at the pedestrian crossing, walk up Water Street and then Church Lane. Turn right past St. Mary's Church to return to the High House.

    If you notice any changes with the walk, please make a note of the number and what the change is and email it over to us so we can make sure the directions are up to date.

    To print the walk details above, right click and print or go to file and print.  Alternatively if you would like a hard copy of the Doorstep Walks pack please email your request with your name and address to walking@staffordbc.gov.uk


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