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Housing Advice - Family and Relationship Advice

    You may experience relationship problems that could affect where you live, whether this is living at home with your family or sharing a house with other people. It is important to get advice and try and resolve the problem as soon as possible to stop your situation becoming worse.


    If you are a young person who has lost or is at risk of losing your home because of family problems, we may be able to help you. We have teamed up with Relate, who offer advice and counselling sessions for families. These can help you and your family to talk openly, get along with each other better and to help you to live together with fewer arguments.

    Relationship Breakdown

    Many people do not know their rights when their relationship breaks down. If you experience a relationship breakdown, Citizens Advice Bureau can help you by offering you legal advice. Our Housing Options Team can also help by discussing your housing situation with you.

    Community Care Grants

    You may also qualify for a community care grant depending on your situation. Please visit the Community Care Grant page on the Directgov website for further information.

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