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Housing Options - Renting Private Housing

    This section covers the help our Housing Options Team may be able to give:

    The Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

    This scheme provides a guarantee in place of the usual cash deposit and offers help if you are unable to afford a deposit on a privately rented house or flat.  It is a contract between you, your landlord and the Council. It covers any damages to the property you may have caused, the Council will pay the landlord the cost of these repairs up to the value of the amount guaranteed.  If your landlord makes a claim we will give them a cash payment and you will then owe us the debt. The scheme does not cover rent arrears.

    Am I eligible for the scheme?

    You must:-

    • Be homeless or threatened with homelessness, living in insecure accommodation or have a housing need
    • Be on a low income or receive benefits and have little or no savings
    • Normally live in Stafford
    • Provide us with all applicants’ identification and proof of income and benefits
    • Have no outstanding debts to the Council
    • What might exclude me from the scheme?

    You may not be accepted on to the scheme if you have large debts to the Council with no repayment plan in place, if you have existing anti-social behaviour issues or if we think that your chosen property is not affordable.

    How can I apply to the scheme?

    You can apply by contacting our Housing Options Team on 01785 619000. We will invite you to attend a drop in session or can arrange to give you advice at a more suitable time or place if necessary. You will need to find your own accommodation but you can look at this list of letting agents (pdf 14kb) in the Stafford area.

    Once you have found a property where you would like to live, please contact Housing Benefits for any housing payment issues and to apply for help with paying the rent.

    Homeless Prevention Fund (HPF)

    In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to provide your first month’s rent in advance. However, this is at our discretion and you must meet the strict criteria. Any money will be given as an interest free loan and you will need to pay it back to us. This can be done via a payment plan.

    What should I look for when renting a property?

    Our Housing Standards Team have created a Tenant Information Pack containing advice on what to look for in a property and information on yours and your landlord’s responsibilities.

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