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Information for Runners

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    Important Information

    As far as reasonably practicable Stafford Borough Council has a legal duty to protect all runners in the race. To conform to this legal obligation all runners must be aware of the instructions within this page.

    Please Note: that the Stafford 10K course closes at 12 noon, which allows an average pace of 8.5 minutes per kilometre. As all stewards stand down and road closures are lifted at 12 noon you are advised not to walk around the course.

    UK Athletics license: 2017-23307.

    Running on the Road

    All runners should always be aware of the following: Keep to the left hand side of the road and do not deviate from the official course as you may wander outside of the road closure zones. Follow any direction arrows (black arrows on a yellow sign) and temporary road traffic signs. Follow all instructions from police and stewards. Not all of the roads are closed, please be aware of moving traffic and other road or footpath users. Please stay on the footpaths in The Haybarn area at the 6km point.

    Be aware of road surfaces and conditions. These can vary due to wet/cold weather, resulting in slippery surfaces. Roads can be unpredictable due to uneven surfaces, speed humps, cambers and potholes. All runners are expected to wear appropriate footwear.


    Dispose of your litter responsibly. Two bottle disposal areas have been provided in the kilometre following the welfare station, along Beaconside. 

    First Aid

    St John Ambulance Brigade will be on duty throughout the race. If you require first aid assistance either approach first aid personnel at the water station or one of the stewards on duty. Due to the nature of the route, first aid treatment will be provided as soon as possible. If it's an emergency an ambulance will be sent to the scene. 


    A new rule has been introduced by UK Athletics regarding the wearing of headphones in road races, meaning that headphones or earphones which cover or go in the ear cannot be worn during this race.

    Water Stations

    Bottled water will be available at a welfare station in Portal Road, which has been positioned in an area where traffic is not permitted or reduced. Runners should be aware of other runners slowing down or stopping at these points. Please move on from the water station once you have taken your drink. Please only take one bottle of water at the refreshment point. Please don't drop water bottles on the pavement or road where they can be tripped over by other runners, please use the bottle disposal points which will be signposted.

    Toilet Facilities

    Situated at the water station and in the town centre in Market Street and Stafford Street.

    Starting Information

    Please not that the start of the Stafford 10K is situated in Stafford Street, please make your way to the start no later than 10.15am. As the start area has a large number of participants, it will be helpful if you can line up in accordance with your anticipated finish time, to ensure minimal congestion. If each runner adopts this sensible approach everyone will be able to move away from the start more smoothly, everyone will be able to get into their running quickly, without incident and have an enjoyable run.

    There will be estimated finish time markers displayed along the start area fencing.

    Finish Area and Prizes

    Once you have crossed the finish line please continue down Greengate Street and turn left where stewards will direct you. This is a runners only area, once you are back in Market Square, you can meet up with your friends and family.

    A water station will be situated in the runners only area, please move on from the water station into Market Square once you have taken your drink, to avoid congestion.

    All runners will receive a special Stafford 10K medal and prizes will be awarded for the following:

    • Women's Winner
    • Women's Runner Up
    • Women's 3rd Place

    • Men's Winner
    • Men's Runner Up
    • Men's 3rd Place

    • Womens U21 Winner
    • Mens U21 Winner

    Prize giving will be on the stage from 11.30am


    Results will be available at Initially these will be race finishing times with individual chip times appearing later.

    Official Race Photography

    Photos from the event can be viewed and purchased from the evening of the event at

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