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Ingestre Stables

Ingestre Stables is one of the leading equestrian establishments in the UK and attracts students from all over the world.

The stable yard at Ingestre was purpose built in 1886 by the then Earl of Shrewsbury, to house his carriage horses and polo ponies. The large coach house built within the courtyard was to house the great collection of horse drawn vehicles, most of which are now resident in the museum at Shugborough, a neighbouring estate.

Through the last century, the stable yard has had a varied use. From its original purpose, to being used as tea rooms, a farmyard, and spending some time almost derelict, it is now housing horses once more, training the next generations of equine professionals. Recent developments have seen one side of the quadrangle converted to holiday lets by Ingestre Lodges, often used by Ingestre Stables clients.

Calum Robarts - Operations Manager said "We have over 40 horses who depend on us for their welfare and wellbeing. This includes, among other things, feeding, shoeing and any veterinarian needs. All these incur considerable costs, which during winter in particular, is normally a difficult task at best, and this year has proved so much harder as we have had reduced income."

Ingestre Stables were mandated to close during the original lockdown, as well as the most recent one at the start of 2021. During the November lockdown, they were allowed to continue their educational work, though the riding school side of the business was suspended due to government guidelines. However, they have been hugely affected in the times they have been allowed to operate as the bio security measures, on top of social distancing, mean that they could only operate at a fraction of their normal services. 

"Ingestre received grants from Stafford Borough Council's Additional Restriction Grant which has helped us survive and care for the horses so far, for which we are incredibly grateful. However, we normally use the spring and summer seasons to generate income to see us through the winter, and we have had two years now where this has not been possible. On behalf of the thousands that have been trained by Ingestre Stables, the thousands yet to be trained by Ingestre, the local children and adults who learn to ride with us, the Riding for the Disabled Association who we are a large centre for, the staff and finally the horses themselves, we ask that we are not forgotten now, when all help stops and we have to find a way to survive this coming winter."


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