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Landlord Forum Previous Meetings

    Agenda Documents Available
    8 November 2017 Where do we go from here? (pdf 634kb) - Richard Lambert NLA
    24 January 2017  Tenancy Deposit: Fair Wear and Tear (pdf 1mb) - Simon Lacey, My Deposits
    Anti-Social Behaviour and Private Sector Housing (pdf 318kb) - Amanda Knight, Partnerships Officer
    Electrical Installation (pdf 2mb) - Ian Halton, NAPIT
    7 September 2016  Stock Survey Report (pdf 824kb) - Tomos Jones, Interim Group Manager Health and Housing 
    Housing Benefit Update (pdf 210kb) - Dave Willmore, Benefits and Compliance Manager
    Housing and Planning Act 2016 (pdf 129kb) - Mandy Bygraves, National Landlords Association
    10 December 2015 (pdf 66kb) Update on Current Issues and Topics Presentation (pdf 224kb) Tomos Jones, Principal Officer Housing and Health
    Government Policy Changes 2015 Presentation (pdf 235kb)
    25 August 2015 (pdf 67kb) A Benefit Welfare Reform and Service Update Presentation (pdf 287kb) Dave Willmore, Benefit Service and Compliance Manager
    Streetscene Presentation (pdf 597kb) Phil Gammon, Group Manager Streetscene, Mick Bailey, Streetscene Area Coordinator
    New Legislation and Initiatives (pdf 395kb) Tomos Jones, Principal Officer Housing and Health 
    11 February 2015 Proposed Changes to Deposit Guarantee and Accreditation Scheme (pdf 492kb) Tomos Jones, Principal Officer Housing and Health
    Legionella Managing Risk (pdf 616kb) Judith Richardson, Director - QUBE Environmental
    Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults (pdf 616kb) Graeme Charlesworth CQSW DSW 
    HSG 274 Residential Synopsis (pdf 61kb)
    15 December 2014 Landlord Training Event - Housing Benefit - Questions and Answers (pdf 128kb) 
    18 June 2014 (pdf 22kb) Warmer Homes Stafford and offers to Landlords (pdf 1mb)
    Oliver Rothwell, Project Manager, Marches Energy Agency.
    12 February 2014 (pdf 126kb) Private Rented Sector Issues Presentation (pdf 431kb)
    Tomos Jones, Principal Officer Housing and Health
    Empty Homes Strategy Presentation (pdf 683kb
    Andre Fannell, Empty Homes Officer
    Questions and Answers
    16 October 2013 (pdf 76kb)  Landlord incentive Scheme Presentation (pdf 179kb) - Victoria Haynes, Tenant and Landlord Liaison Officer
    Update on Private Rented Sector Issues Presentation (pdf 124kb) - Tomos Jones, Principal Officer Housing and Health
    Questions and Answers (pdf 57kb)
    3 July 2013 Developments in the Private Rented Sector Presentation (pdf 51kb)
    Economic Regeneration and Investment in Stafford Presentation (pdf 548kb)
    Tenancy Matters Presentation (pdf 986kb)
    University Update Presentation (pdf 69kb) 
    A Benefit Welfare Reform and Service Update Presentation (pdf 78kb)
    Questions and Answers (pdf 16kb)
    6 February 2013 Welfare Reform Update Presentation (pdf 277kb) - Dave Willmore, Housing Benefit Manager
    Green Deal and ECO Presentation (pdf 2mb)
    Health and Housing New Year New Start Presentation (pdf 96kb) - An Introduction to the Housing and Health Services Group by the new Principal Officer Mr Tomos Jones
    Question and Answers (pdf 142kb)
    3 October 2012 (pdf 23kb)  Housing Standards Presentation (pdf 916kb)
    Anti-Social Behaviour Presentation (ppt 1mb)
    Green Deal Presentation (ppt 553kb)
    13 June 2012 (pdf 24kb)  Fire Safety Presentation (pdf 4mb)
    Electrical Safety Presentation (Warning: this presentation contains graphic images of electrical injuries) (pdf 591kb)
    Questions and Answers (pdf 23kb) 
    8 February 2012 (pdf 23kb) Legal Tips Presentation (ppt 509kb) 
    Green Deal Presentation (ppt 2mb)
    Benefits Presentation (ppt 23kb)
    5 October 2011 (pdf 23 kb) Anti-Social Behaviour Presentation (ppt 399kb)
    Solid Wall Insulation Presentation (ppt 1mb) 
    8 June 2011 (pdf 26kb) Agenda Presentation (ppt 343kb) 
    9 February 2011 (pdf 26kb)  Benefits Presentation (ppt 493kb)
    Housing Options Presentation (356kb)
    Questions and Answers (pdf 44kb)
    8 September 2010 Welcome Presentation (ppt 505kb)
    Planning and HMO Presentation (ppt 559kb)
    Benefits Presentation (ppt 336kb) 


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