Localisation of Council Tax Benefit

    The Government has abolished the national council tax benefit scheme. From 1 April 2013, the local authority has introduced a local council tax support scheme (LCTS). This is a major change from the Government that has had a significant impact on our budget and the finances of families and individuals. 

    Those people who are classed as pensionable age and in receipt of pension credit are not affected by these changes and will continue to receive the same level of support on the new scheme as they did on the old. If you are unsure whether you are of pensionable age use the online calculator to find out.  

    Working age customers are affected by these changes.  The differences between the old national scheme and the new local scheme for 2014-2015 are shown below: 

    • Maximum entitlement will be based upon 80% of Council Tax Liability (capped at Band D) unless you have a child under the age of 5 or you receive a Severe Disability Premium.  In which case your maximum entitlement will be based upon 100% of Council Tax Liability (capped at Band D).
    • Second adult rebate will no longer be available under the local scheme.
    • Anyone with more than £6000 capital will not be able to claim Local Council Tax Support.
    • Child benefit will be included in the assessment of the claim. 
    • Child Maintenance will be fully disregarded (from April 2014).
    • The first £25 per week of earned income will not be taken into account in the assessment of the claim.
    • There will be a £5 per week deduction made for any non dependants in the property who are not working.  The amount of this deduction increases to £10 per week of the non dependant is working.

    For an estimate on your entitlement use the on-line calculator. Remember this is only an estimate and is dependant on the information you submit.

    For those individuals significantly affected by this change, the Authority is operating a Discretionary Payment scheme.  Applications will be considered on a case by case basis, to apply for a Discretionary Payment please complete the online form.

    View the Localised Council Tax Support Regulations (pdf 1mb) scheme updated from April 2019. 

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