Let's Work Together

    Lets Work Together

    Let's Work Together is a true partnership initiative.

    Its aim is to equip service managers and home visitors with the tools, training and skills they need to provide the ‘eyes and ears’ for partner organisations, and offer a wider range of support and sign-posting to local people to help them live healthy, safe and independent lives.

    Let’s work together is providing a wide range of training programmes to District service managers and home visitors. A referral process, which will help home visitors to help local people access support from the full spectrum of local agencies, will also be introduced.

    Following the success of the Let’s Work Together project in Lichfield the Let’s Work Together project has been developed in more districts in Staffordshire: East Staffs, Stafford, South Staffs Tamworth and Newcastle.

    Above all Let’s work together aims to equip home visitors with the support they need to never miss a chance to make a difference.

    Following the death of Olive Simcock, an elderly Staffordshire lady, in a fatal house fire in 2006, the Olive Branch initiative was launched. The aim of the initiative was to help prevent unnecessary deaths, like Olive’s, by helping the Fire Service and Social Care and Health to work more closely together. From picking up on obvious fire risks, even if spotting them does not fall into a home visitor’s traditional service area, through to sharing potentially life-saving information, the initiative has been a success.

    Let’s work together aims to build on the successes of the Olive Branch initiative, and spread the partnership working approach across other agencies to help tackle a wider spectrum of killer risks in the home, and in people’s lifestyles.

    The approach was agreed at a seminar involving local partners, and facilitated by the Fire and Rescue Service and Lichfield District Community Voluntary Sector Support in February 2010. 

    For referrals for Let’s Work Together please complete the referrals form and send by email to vcooper@staffordbc.gov.uk or by post to Victoria Cooper, Corporate Business and Partnerships, Stafford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford, ST16 3AQ. 

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