Planning Committee - 18 December 2019 (6.30pm)

    Meeting Name: Planning Committee - 18 December 2019 (6.30pm)
    Committee: Planning Committee
    Start Date/Time: Wednesday 18 December 2019 18:30:00PM
    Location: TBC
    Open to public: Yes
    Agenda Document: Planning Committee - 18 December 2019 (Agenda) 3.15 MB

    Councillors Participating in this Committee

    The following councillors are currently members of this committee. Click the name of a councillor to view to more details about them.
    Councillor Position
    Councillor Andrew S Harp Vice Chairman
    Councillor Ann P Edgeller
    Councillor Anne D Hobbs
    Councillor Bryan M Cross MBE
    Councillor Jill Hood
    Councillor Marnie Phillips
    Councillor Michael G Dodson
    Councillor Raymond M Sutherland Chairman
    Councillor Tony Nixon
    Councillor Tony Pearce
    Councillor Jack Kemp

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