Public Appeals Committee - 24 November 2021

    Meeting Name: Public Appeals Committee - 24 November 2021
    Committee: Public Appeals Committee
    Start Date/Time: Wednesday 24 November 2021 14:00:00PM
    Location: Craddock Room, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford
    Open to public: Yes
    Recording Document: Public-Appeals-Committee-24-November-2021-Vol1.MP3 280.38 KB
    Recording Document: Public-Appeals-Committee-24-November-2021-Vol2.MP3 597.41 KB
    Agenda Document: Public Appeals Committee - 24 November 2021 (agenda) 821.38 KB
    Minutes Document: Public Appeals - 24 November 2021 (Minutes) 84.83 KB

    Councillors Participating in this Committee

    The following councillors are currently members of this committee. Click the name of a councillor to view to more details about them.
    Councillor Position
    Councillor Alec Sandiford
    Councillor Anne Hobbs
    Councillor Jenny Barron
    Councillor Peter Edgeller
    Councillor Peter Jones
    Councillor Scott Spencer
    Councillor Tony Nixon Chairman

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