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    Stafford Fun Run: Heroes and Heroines Fri 23/02/18, 9.40am
    Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Driver's Licence Fri 23/02/18, 9.15am
    Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Fri 23/02/18, 9.13am
    Agenda and Minutes Thu 22/02/18, 4.17pm
    Stafford Half Marathon 2017: Results Thu 22/02/18, 4.11pm
    Local Government Transparency Code Thu 22/02/18, 9.38am
    Helping your Business Wed 21/02/18, 5.00pm
    Housing Assistance - I am looking to improve my home Wed 21/02/18, 4.59pm
    Furniture and Furnishings Wed 21/02/18, 4.57pm
    Redress Scheme Requirement Wed 21/02/18, 4.52pm
    Cabinet (5.30pm) Wed 21/02/18, 4.41pm
    17/18 Committee Meetings Wed 21/02/18, 4.40pm
    Members Page Wed 21/02/18, 4.37pm
    Activities and Sports Courses - Hockey Wed 21/02/18, 4.32pm
    Basketball Wed 21/02/18, 4.30pm
    Activities and Sports Courses - Football Wed 21/02/18, 4.29pm
    Activities and Sports Courses - Athletics Wed 21/02/18, 4.26pm
    Mayoral Invitations Wed 21/02/18, 4.21pm
    Riverside Wed 21/02/18, 3.10pm
    Sports Development in Stafford Borough Wed 21/02/18, 2.30pm
    Disability Sport Wed 21/02/18, 2.17pm
    Activities and Sports Courses Wed 21/02/18, 2.04pm
    Stafford Leisure Centre Wed 21/02/18, 12.04pm
    Homelessness Forum Previous Meetings Wed 21/02/18, 11.19am
    Housing Advice - Court Repossession Procedures Tue 20/02/18, 3.48pm
    Deposit Guarantee Scheme Tue 20/02/18, 3.46pm
    Which applications go to Planning Committee? Tue 20/02/18, 2.52pm
    Viewing a Planning Application Tue 20/02/18, 2.46pm
    Letting You Know About Planning Applications Tue 20/02/18, 2.41pm
    Recycling and Waste Tue 20/02/18, 2.25pm
    Leisure and Culture Tue 20/02/18, 12.21pm
    Council Tax Tue 20/02/18, 11.27am
    Stafford 10K Tue 20/02/18, 10.09am
    Planning Applicants - How can we help you? Tue 20/02/18, 8.49am
    Democratic Services - Forward Plan Mon 19/02/18, 4.51pm
    Cabinet 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.44pm
    Regulatory Committees 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.44pm
    Scrutiny Committees 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.43pm
    Standards Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.42pm
    Leisure Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.41pm
    Members' Digest 2006/2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.41pm
    Agenda and Minutes 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.41pm
    Health Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.40pm
    Development Control Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.39pm
    Public Appeals Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.39pm
    Environment and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.38pm
    Licensing and Licensing Sub Committees 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.38pm
    Resources Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.37pm
    Planning and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee and Stafford Regeneration Board 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.37pm
    Housing Scrutiny Committee 2006-2007 Mon 19/02/18, 4.34pm

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