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    Election Results Sun 26/05/19, 10.13pm
    European Parliamentary Election - Local Result - Stafford - 23 May 2019 Sun 26/05/19, 10.11pm
    17/18 Committee Meetings Fri 24/05/19, 4.57pm
    Planning Weekly List Fri 24/05/19, 4.02pm
    Register of Members' Interests Fri 24/05/19, 3.29pm
    Members Page Fri 24/05/19, 12.04pm
    Elliot the Eco-Bat Fri 24/05/19, 11.52am
    Stafford Borough Partnerships Creating Competitive Advantage Fri 24/05/19, 11.51am
    We love Littleworth! Fri 24/05/19, 11.50am
    The Great British Cake Off Fri 24/05/19, 11.49am
    19/20 Committee Meetings Fri 24/05/19, 11.34am
    Councillors Services and Advice Fri 24/05/19, 11.14am
    Hotel plans put forward for Stafford Fri 24/05/19, 10.13am
    Bereavement Services - What to do when Someone Dies Fri 24/05/19, 8.45am
    Riverside Undercroft Car Park, South Walls, Stafford Thu 23/05/19, 4.03pm
    Waterfront Multi-Storey Car Park, Waterfront Way, Stafford Thu 23/05/19, 4.02pm
    Godspell Thu 23/05/19, 3.53pm
    Democratic Services - Forward Plan Thu 23/05/19, 12.24pm
    Westbridge Park Consultation Thu 23/05/19, 11.27am
    Minutes and Agendas Thu 23/05/19, 10.37am
    Gypsy and Traveller Information Thu 23/05/19, 9.23am
    Bereavement Services - Memorials at Stafford Crematorium Thu 23/05/19, 9.21am
    Councillor Mark Winnington Wed 22/05/19, 3.54pm
    Councillor Carolyn Trowbridge Wed 22/05/19, 3.53pm
    Councillor Raymond M Sutherland Wed 22/05/19, 3.51pm
    Councillor Mike Smith Wed 22/05/19, 3.49pm
    Councillor Peter Roycroft Wed 22/05/19, 3.48pm
    Councillor Jonathan Price Wed 22/05/19, 3.47pm
    Councillor Marnie Phillips Wed 22/05/19, 3.44pm
    Councillor Jeremy Pert Wed 22/05/19, 3.42pm
    Councillor Tony Pearce Wed 22/05/19, 3.40pm
    Councillor Gillian P K Pardesi Wed 22/05/19, 3.38pm
    Councillor Louise Nixon Wed 22/05/19, 3.38pm
    Councillor James A Nixon Wed 22/05/19, 3.37pm
    Councillor Tony Nixon Wed 22/05/19, 3.35pm
    Councillor Brendan McKeown Wed 22/05/19, 3.34pm
    Councillor Angela M Loughran Wed 22/05/19, 3.33pm
    Councillor Philip A Leason Wed 22/05/19, 3.32pm
    Councillor Robert Kenney Wed 22/05/19, 3.29pm
    Councillor Jack Kemp Wed 22/05/19, 3.27pm
    Councillor Peter W Jones Wed 22/05/19, 3.26pm
    Councillor Gareth Jones Wed 22/05/19, 3.25pm
    Councillor Roy James Wed 22/05/19, 3.22pm
    Councillor Jill Hood Wed 22/05/19, 3.20pm
    Councillor Michael V Holmes Wed 22/05/19, 3.19pm
    Councillor D Holbrook-Summers Wed 22/05/19, 3.17pm
    Councillor Anne D Hobbs Wed 22/05/19, 3.15pm
    Councillor Andrew S Harp Wed 22/05/19, 3.00pm
    Councillor Mark Green Wed 22/05/19, 2.58pm
    Councillor Aidan T A Godfrey Wed 22/05/19, 2.57pm

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