Al fresco extension for hospitality sector in Stafford


    Pubs and restaurants who were given permission to put tables and chairs outside their premises to serve food and drink to customers will have their licences extended – with no extra charge.

    So-called ‘pavement licences’ in Stafford Borough will be extended until September next year for businesses in the hospitality sector.

    The move comes as hospitality venues are expected to be allowed to serve people outdoors from 12 April as part of the Government roadmap out of lockdown.

    The original licences were due to expire this September.

    The move is designed to help cafes, coffee shops, bars and restaurants create more space by putting tables and chairs on the highway adjacent to their premises for customers.

    Stafford Borough Council say the existing licences will be automatically renewed until September 2022 with no administration charges.

    Businesses who have not obtained a licence, and would like to, can apply online from or email for a form.

    Press Release No 5751

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