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Another mess fine - bag in brambles costs dog owner


    A man who chucked a dog poo bag in a hedge is one of five people fined for littering offences last month in Stafford Borough.

    He had been walking his greyhound on Cannock Chase and returned to his vehicle on the Satnall Hills car park off the A513 with the filled dog bag.

    The dog owner from Rugeley was seen throwing the bag into nearby brambles. He was issued with a £75 fixed penalty notice. 

    The Borough Council also issued  £75 fines to four more people who dumped rubbish at the Jubilee Playing Fields in Little Haywood, during November.

    Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, Frank Finlay, said the money from the fines would help support efforts to improve the environment.

    “We have a beautiful borough and want to keep it that way. A clean borough attracts people and businesses to the area which is good for the economy. So we would rather work with our communities to keep it clean – but will not hesitate to fine or prosecute those who don’t.”

    Councillor Finlay added: “One of the main frustrations our residents have told us is when owners clear up after their dog and then think it is ok to throw that bag in to a hedge, field or hang it from a tree, rather than putting it in a bin. So I hope this fine will serve as a warning that this is not acceptable and if you don’t discard your dog bag properly then you can expect to be hit in the pocket.

    The council said dog poo bags can be put in to any public litter bin.  
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