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Borough villages top national campaign


    A campaign has seen a reduction of dog fouling in some areas of the borough by up to 100 per cent – putting a similar national initiative in the shade.

    Stafford Borough Council has been working with several parishes across the area to tackle the anti-social issue.

    Recently Keep Britain Tidy (KBT) revealed the results of its ‘Walk this Way’ scheme which saw a 38% decrease in fouling on popular dog walking routes around the country. ‘Walk this Way’ saw the routes receive a makeover to feature more signage, maps and colour-coded routes which clearly mark the length of the walk and direct walkers to the nearest bins to dispose of their dogs’ waste along the way.

    But Stafford Borough’s own campaign has seen even better results than the national initiative with a clear up rate of more than 85% in all areas – and 100% in the village of Weston.

    Seven parishes have worked with the borough council since it launched its campaign in Weston in 2015 – Gnosall, Fulford, Baswich, Barlaston, Derrington and Hixon being the others.

    They have targeted a total of 26 hotspots covering 32km of land in the borough with posters and leaflets going out around the area, free dog poo bags distributed and articles in local newsletters. Around 30 volunteers from the community have been involved in the success of the campaign. 

    Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health at the Borough Council, said: “This is all about our communities taking ownership of a situation that their residents were sick and tired of. With our support and advice to get the campaigns off the ground, the parish councils and community organisations were able to educate the public to the dangers of dog fouling and the blight it has on an area.

    “I was interested to see the results from the ‘Walk this Way’ initiative – and it made me very pleased, and proud, that our work alongside the community has demonstrated an even greater success in reducing this disgusting issue than KBT’s national campaign.” 
    Parish Councillor Mick Kelly, who supported the scheme, said: “We heard how successful this campaign has been in other areas across the borough. Hixon is a lovely village and we are determined to keep it that way.

    “Owners of dogs in Hixon are very responsible but there is an inconsiderate few and this scheme is aimed at making sure everyone picks up after their pet.”

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