Charity Boost from Cremations in Stafford


    Charity money from cremations

    A charity has been given thousands of pounds thanks to recycled metals from Stafford Crematorium.

    Artificial hip and knee joints, along with nails and screws from the coffins, have been passed on to a recycling company in return for money which is then donated to charity.

    Once consent from the families has been given, the metal is filtered out as part of the cremation process leaving the ashes to be collected by the deceased’s loved ones or buried.

    Stafford Borough Council, which runs the crematorium on the town’s Tixall Road, has donated around £50,000 raised from the artificial parts and other metals to several charities since 2013.

    The latest recipient is Fountains Counselling Service (FCS) who received £8,000 from Councillor Jonathan Price, Cabinet Member for Environment.

    Fountains Counselling Service provides voluntary counselling for adults including supporting those through bereavement.

    Councillor Price said: “I’d like to think that those who have had loved ones cremated will draw some comfort from knowing their loss is helping fund these incredible charities.

    “It is fantastic to see how much has been raised by our crematorium over the years for so many good causes - and very pleasing to hear how this money is helping the charities with their excellent work.”

    The Tixall Road site was awarded ‘Gold’ status by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management and has retained its green flag as one of the best open spaces in the country.

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