Council highlights new government tax check scheme for taxi drivers 


    New tax requirements for cabbies in Stafford Borough will come into place this year as part of a government initiative. 

    The move will mean taxi and private hire drivers, as well as scrap metal dealers, will need to complete a tax check when they renew their licence from April 2022. 

    The government has put the new measures in place to ensure everyone pays tax where appropriate – and they say it will help create a level playing field for those within the industries who already pay their taxes. 

    Stafford Borough Council has written to those drivers in the licensed trade and scrap merchants to highlight the new requirements and provided them with a fact sheet. Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs have set up a new digital service to help people complete the tax check. 

    The process comes into place from 4 April 2022 for those renewing their licence and new applicants - with the check only expected to take a few minutes to complete. 

    Councillor Jonathan Price, Cabinet Member for Environment at the council said: “Most people are registered to pay tax and this new national process is about ensuring everyone pays the tax they should, creating a level playing field for the compliant majority. 

    “HMRC are working with industry bodies to make this as straightforward as possible. The check should take a few minutes every few years and is simply to confirm that someone is appropriately registered for tax.” 

    You will need to complete the check if you are a: 

    • driver of a taxi (hackney carriage) 
    • driver of a private hire vehicle (and dual licences) 
    • private hire vehicle operator 
    • scrap metal dealer 
    • scrap metal dealer mobile collector 

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