Council issues ‘take your rubbish home’ plea 


    Residents and visitors are being asked to clean up after themselves at local beauty spots across Stafford Borough. 

    The call comes on the eve of the Easter weekend – which follows the lifting of some Covid restrictions earlier this week.  

    Rules were changed on Monday (29th) to allow two separate households or six people to meet outside - with groups of people already visiting local parks and open spaces to enjoy the recent spell of good weather. But many residents took to social media to complain about the mess that was left behind. 

    Stafford Borough Council say they will be patrolling local ‘hot spots’ to remind people of the need to take rubbish home with them.  

    Robert Simpson, Head of Operations at the council, said the borough was very lucky to have so many beautiful areas where people could enjoy spending time outdoors especially in the good weather. 

    “The vast majority of people respect the environment and will make sure their rubbish is taken home or disposed of properly – and they are rightly angered by those who show little regard for the area and leave their litter behind. 

    “It is down to individuals to take responsibility for their actions and not leave a mess. With so many parks and open spaces around the borough we simply do not have the resource to patrol every area, all the time.  

    “Our teams do a great job keeping the area tidy - but this is made increasingly difficult by the minority who cannot be bothered to clean up their mess. If you are able to bring food and drink with you to a park – then you are able to bring the rubbish home with you.” 

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