Council teams up with charity to prevent dog deaths


    dogs die in hot cars

    Stafford Borough Council has teamed up with a dog charity to tackle the issue of canines being left in cars this summer.

    Posters and leaflets are being displayed around council-run car parks and parking officers will be checking for dogs left alone in vehicles and will report to the RSPCA or Police if necessary. 

    The initiative is part of the Dog’s Trust’s ‘Dogs die in hot cars’ campaign

    Every year the RSPCA and police receive thousands of reports of animals being left alone in cars on warm days – with many people wrongly believing it is fine to leave a dog in a car if the windows are open slightly or they have parked in the shade.

    The Trust say a car can become very hot really quickly even when it doesn’t feel that warm – for example  when it’s 22℃ outside, the inside of a car can reach a huge 47℃ within an hour. 

    Councillor Frances Beatty, Cabinet Member for Economic development and Planning, at the Borough Council, said: “It is horrible to think of a family pet in distress and suffering from the effects of being left trapped in a car in hot weather. So I am pleased we are working with this charity to make sure people are aware of the dangers - and also for parking officers working on our behalf to report any issues which could potentially avoid a tragic incident.” 

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