Don’t die of ignorance - Councillors plea to help warm homes


    Help for warm homes from Councillors

    People living in six thousand homes across Stafford Borough will not be able to heat their properties properly when the cold weather comes. 

    And despite the recent hot weather a senior councillor says now is the time to act to help avoid illness, and even death, brought on by poorly heated homes. 

    Stafford Borough Council has teamed up with locally based charity ‘Beat the Cold’ to deliver its Warmer Homes Stafford scheme - and councillor Jeremy Pert, Cabinet Member for Communities and Health, said people must get help before it is too late. 

    He said: “For a number of reasons many of our residents will be left shivering in their homes - this may be because the heating system is not good enough or they can’t afford to run it.

    “But not having a properly heated home can make people ill or exacerbate other illness and ultimately could lead to premature death.” 

    The vast majority of calls from residents asking for help are usually made to the council during December and January - which makes it often too late for the support that could help heat homes properly to kick in.

    Now residents are being urged to get in touch with Warmer Homes Stafford immediately to find out what is available to address heating issues. It can include funding to repair or replace central heating systems, help with switching your energy provider to cut costs, or advice on reducing debts.

    Warmer Homes Stafford is the council’s heating advice service run by Beat the Cold, helping local residents to get access to funding, advice and information about improving energy efficiency, reducing fuel bills and keeping warm.

    Councillor Pert continued: “There are people out there who may never have asked for help before; it may be working families whose household income has reduced due to the pandemic; they may not think there is any help for them; they may feel they are not entitled to, or need any, help.

    “I’d rather be inundated with enquiries from our community than have one person we could have helped die because of ignorance.”

    To contact Warmer Homes Stafford, call Freephone 0800 677 1785. For more information about them go to


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