Final grants for Covid hit businesses in Stafford 


    Businesses across Stafford Borough who have suffered because of Covid-19 restrictions are in line for a one-off final grant. 

    Those already receiving an ‘Additional Restrictions Grant’ will be contacted by Stafford Borough Council regarding a final payment of up to £6,000.

    During the pandemic the Borough Council has distributed more than £35 million to local businesses who have had to close, or have been significantly restricted, by measures introduced to control the spread of the virus.

    Recent funding schemes have seen nearly 200 people who were self-employed apply for around £400,000 of financial help, £750 payments made to all taxi drivers, ‘Restart’ grants to eligible businesses, and money to suppliers of goods and services to the retail, hospitality and leisure industry.

    This latest round of funding will be based on the businesses rateable value – with the highest receiving a final payment of £6,000 and those working from domestic premises getting £2,000.

    The council is hoping to have paid everyone by the end of May.

    Karen Tierney, Head of Development at the council said: “We are keen to ensure all eligible businesses who have suffered because of the impact the virus restrictions have had on them receive this financial help. It is the final allocation of the ‘Additional Restrictions Grant’ and we do not want our businesses to miss out.

    “These grants will help local businesses to recover from the restrictions of lockdown and bounce back as they welcome customers again and build their businesses.” 

    She continued: “The government requires us to collect further information and undertake checks before being able to deliver these grants. We already have most of the details, but businesses should look out for correspondence from the Borough Council and get back to us with the information we ask for.

    She added that as well as financial help, the council was also delivering other support for businesses and encouraged people to get in contact with the council to find out more.

    More help and advice can be found from the dedicated business pages of the council’s website at 

    Press Release No: 5764 

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