Fly tipping caught on camera 


    fly tipper

    Residents are being asked for help to identify fly tippers who dumped rubbish at a business park in Stone. 

    Video of the men show them unloading parts of cabinets and bedroom furniture from the back of a silver Peugeot van before driving away from a car parking area off the town’s Brooms Road. 

    Stafford Borough Council is now asking for anyone with information to contact them so they can track down the fly tippers. The offence happened at around 1.35pm on Good Friday (2 April). 

    You can view the video from Youtube 

    Robert Simpson, Head of Operations at the council, said people with any details about the incident could get in touch in confidence with the local authority. 

    He said: “Thank you to the people who recently supplied this video to us. We are already carrying out investigations, but we do need as much evidence as we can to ensure the offenders are caught and dealt with. 

    “Fly tipping is not only a blight on our borough, but also expensive to clean up – and that cost is picked up by local taxpayers. We need the help of residents and businesses to track down those responsible. 

    “We want to send a clear message to the inconsiderate minority that we will fine or prosecute if you are caught dumping rubbish illegally.”         

    It has cost the local authority more than £30,000 over the last 12 months to clean up fly tipping. Anyone convicted can face prison or fines of up to £50,000.  

    The council has a dedicated webpage - - to highlight illegal rubbish dumps –- and how residents can get in touch with information.   

    To contact the council in confidence email or call 01785 619402 

    Press Release No 5759

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