Forms hitting doorsteps in Stafford Borough


    Electoral Register

    Forms are dropping on the doormats of thousands of households to make sure Stafford Borough’s electoral register is up to date.

    Around 12,000 people are receiving the annual canvass forms from this week with residents asked to respond quickly and update any information if required.

    You must be on the register to vote in local and national polls – with elections for Staffordshire County Council and the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner expected to take place next May. But not being on the register also affects a person’s credit rating which can lead to issues when buying a house or taking out a phone contract, for example.

    Electoral Registration Officer, Tim Clegg, who is Chief Executive of Stafford Borough Council, encouraged people to respond as soon as possible to the canvass to save the cost of reminders having to be sent out.

    He said: “Your right to vote on who runs the Government or local authorities, who  make decisions affecting all our lives, is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy.

    “It is very easy to make sure you are able to have your say at future elections, simply check the information on the letter when it arrives and reply as soon as possible.”

    People need to respond by Sunday 23 August.

    You can contact the election’s team at or 01785 619424 if you have any queries. People who are not registered can do so at

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